Testing Report of Glass Fiber Extraction Thimble

The thimble is utilized in extraction, so the dissolution rate of impurities is a comparatively deductive target. For the deficient data of cellulose extraction thimbles, the mental content in glass fiber ones has to be tested, and respective results of different sizes are listed.

Even though they have similar characteristics in maximum temperature, DOP retention, weight loss, and composition, which separately are 600C(usually 500C for big brands), higher than 99.99% (with the condition of at least 0.3um, oil mist method GB6165-85), lower than 0.2m(m ranges from m1 to m2, and m1 means the weight after dried at use-temperature for 60 min with similar m2 – the weight after dried at use-temperature of 120 minutes.), and super-fine glass micro-fiber.

Hence, the differences between products indicate in the background response and flow pressure.

SLGET32120 Glass Fiber Extraction Thimbles
57.22 % silicon dioxide(SiO2), 0.3% iron dioxide(Fe2O3) and 14.63% aluminium oxide(Al2O3) are deducted. The flow pressure is 14 to 16 mmHg.

SLGET2590 Glass Fiber Extraction Thimbles
It has been figured out in the samplings that 16.12% calcium oxide(CaO) and 3.66% magnesium oxide(MgO). 16 to 18 mmHg of flow pressure is checked.

SLGET2870 Glass Fiber Extraction Thimbles
0.16% calcium oxide(CaO) and 0.38% sodium oxide(Na2O) exist with 18-20 mmHg flow pressure.