The Brief Introduction of Glass Fiber Extraction Thimbles

Classically, the glass fiber extraction thimbles without rubber are made of 100% alkali-free glass fiber and are produced at high temperatures. There is no adhesive, and it’s chemically inert. The glass fiber extraction thimbles are used to collect fine and submicron particles, which is an efficient and high-quality filtration device for catching pollution source particles, acid mist, aerosol, beryllium compounds, etc.

It has the advantages of high-temperature resistance, low weight loss, high capture efficiency, and high strength, and can be widely used in the sample collection of pollution source particles, metal compounds, and so on.

For example, in the monitoring of air pollution, the monitoring of smoke emission concentration has become more conventional and mature. There are clear requirements for quality control and management specifications. In daily monitoring, the sampling collection is mainly by glass fiber extraction thimbles. The key to the success of the experiment is the stability of the weight of extraction thimbles when sampling atmospheric particles.

Appearance Inspection
No cracking is found in the base pressed after the glass fiber sleeve is added. Although the weld line is still visible on the part, there is no crack in the part. A simple test method is to apply the red or blue ink to the weld line of the shape of the part, to see if the ink is leaking out of the internal thread hole, and if the ink leaks out, it indicates that there is a crack there. The perfect shape is pursued in our production process.

Soxhlet Glass Fiber Extraction Thimbles
Hawach High Purity Free of Binders or Additives Glass Fiber Extraction Thimbles
Hawach Glass Fiber Extraction Thimbles

Performance Inspection
According to the technical requirements, the high and low-temperature aging tests, vibration, impact and moisture resistance tests are carried out, and the mechanical and electrical properties of the parts meet the requirements of the technical conditions. No cracking was found in the tested base. The base parts are pressed by the above process method, and no cracking occurs after storage, assembly, and assembly of the whole machine, and the performance is good. The cracking of the base parts from the fusion line has been completely solved.

Property of Glass Fiber Extraction Thimble
Glass fiber extraction thimble is braided into a thimble with alkali-free glass fiber yarn, and then after high-temperature treatment, coated with silicone resin and silicone rubber.

Treatment Method of Glass Fiber Extraction Thimble
Folding injection molding will be adopted in the production of glass fiber extraction thimble, to begin with, the glass fiber thimble immersed in phenolic resin will be wrapped on the thread core in the injection die, close the die, and then press the injection molding on the 45t hydraulic press. The heating plate temperature is 180-200 ℃. Press pressure is 15~20MPa. The time of heat preservation and pressure preservation is 8 min and 10 min. Press the forming base according to the above process, glass fiber casing and parts become a whole.