The Classification Of Filter Paper

The filter paper has good filtration and absorption performance and considerable compressive strength. It is suitable for filtering industrial organic suspensions such as petroleum, chemical products, and industrial oils to separate solid and semi-solid impurities. At present, filter paper sold in the market mainly includes quantitative analysis filter paper, qualitative analysis filter paper, and chromatography qualitative analysis filter paper.

Chromatographic qualitative analysis filter paper is mainly used as a carrier in paper chromatography. There are two kinds of filter paper for qualitative separation and chromatography qualitative analysis of the substances to be measured, one is No. 1 and the other is No. 3. Each kind of filter paper can be divided into three kinds: fast, medium and slow.

The pore size of the qualitative filter paper is irregular. Generally, the pore size of qualitative filter paper is large and the quantity is small. You can try a quantitative filter paper. The filter speed and aperture are different. Generally, the aperture of qualitative filter paper is large and there is no strict regulation. Quantitative filter paper can be divided into three types: fast, medium and slow. Its aperture is about 80-120 micron, 30-50 micron, and 1-3 micron, respectively.

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