The Comparative Analysis Between the Qualitative and Quantitative Filter Paper

Hawach Filter paper is a kind of paper that has excellent filtration property. It does well in water intaking. In experiments, people often use filter paper as a medium to separate the solid and the liquid.

Qualitative filter paper and quantitative filter paper are frequent in labs. The qualitative filter paper is often used to filter the solution which is applicable to those experiments without any numerical calculation. However, the quantitative filter paper is usually for those needing precision calculation like determining residues.

Quantitative filter paper

The pulp used for making quantitative filter paper is treated by hydrofluoric acid and hydrochloric acid and washed with distilled water in the manufacturing process. Those treatments remove the impurity from the paper fiber.

The quantitative filter paper is suitable for the precise quantitative analysis because the ash when burning it is little, which has little effect on the analysis results. And it is usually divided into three types: the fast one, the medium-speed one and the slow one. There are two designs of quantitative filter paper. One is round and the other is square.

Qualitative filter paper

The qualitative filter paper is different from the quantitative filter paper. There will be more residues after burning it. That is the reason why people hardly use it in the quality analysis experiment. And it is used to filter the solutions mostly.