The Different Between Extraction Thimbles and Filter Bag

HAWACH extraction thimbles are known for their purity and consistent high quality. We provide a variety of high-performing extraction thimbles in various dimensions as well as wall thicknesses. HAWACH offers an extensive range of sizes. The all-in-one design provides excellent mechanical strength and stiffness to ensure that the sample is retained in the thimble throughout the extraction process.

Soxhlet extractors provide a safe method of extraction using toxic or other toxic solvents. It is recommended to use HAWACH extraction thimbles to estimate fats in foods, to analyze paints and adhesives in paints, to extract vitamin A and carotene, and to extract organic compounds from reactive mixtures, which has been found to be satisfactory in applications requiring single or double wall thickness.

There are two kinds of extraction thimbles at HAWACH, based on the material, cellulose, and glass microfiber thimbles. The cellulose extraction thimble is made of high-quality cellulose cotton fleece with excellent mechanical strength and retention. These thimbles are used in Soxhlet extraction units providing a safe, convenient, and efficient method of solvent extraction of solids and semi-solids. Soxhlet extraction is a technique widely used to analyze fats or pesticides in food and soil materials.

The borosilicate glass fiber extraction thimbles are produced for special applications, which can be used at temperatures up to 600°C or with solvents that are not compatible with the cellulose thimble. Its applications include a gravimetric method for high-temperature environments, a gravimetric method for acidic gas, and extraction method commonly used for biochemical analysis, etc.

Soxhlet Glass Fiber Extraction Thimbles

Soxhlet extraction
Air and exhaust analysis
Collection of dust and other solid particles
Chimney gas monitoring
Pesticide residue analysis
Grease content of solid food
Grease analysis of solid waste
Biochemical analysis of elution

The design wind speed of the extraction thimbles is a more critical parameter, which is related to the operation of the entire dust collector. In general, we recommend that the design wind speed of filter paper containing wood pulp fibers should not exceed 0.6 m / min. Polyester non-woven fabrics are recommended. The design wind speed is 1 m / min. Of course, we have to consider it more specifically according to the characteristics of the filtered dust.
To solve different types of dust, there are gas turbine extraction thimbles, industrial powdered media filter cartridges, special extraction thimbles for sand suction machines, flame-resistant extraction thimbles, oval extraction thimbles, and slender type instead of bag extraction thimbles.

Compared with filter bag type
1. The filtering area is increased by 3-5 times, and the filtering wind speed is greatly reduced.
2. The dust removal rate is increased by 99.99%.
3. The length of the Extraction Thimbles is short, and there is a large excess space, which is conducive to dust settling.
4. Extraction Thimbles life is extended.
5. Venturi tubes and cages are all exempted.
6. Short and few filter elements, easy to install (top loading), easy to repair and replace