The Evolution of Soxhlet Extraction Technology

The traditional Soxhlet extraction has existed for more than one hundred years. It is an effective extraction method and is always used as the reference standard for the new extraction methods.

In order to improve extraction efficiency, save time and reduce manual operation, the current full-automatic Soxhlet extractor is able to extract multiple samples at the same time. Through electronic control, it can precisely set the extraction time and temperature, making the whole operation process more automatic.

As a matter of fact, automatic Soxhlet extraction is a combination of hot solvent draining and Soxhlet extraction. Automatic Soxhlet extraction makes the extraction thimble stay in the boiling solvent for the moment when a certain time is up, the extraction thimble will lift above the solvent level automatically, and then it uses a congealed solvent to make cycle extraction. This process has the advantages of short extraction time and high-level automation.

After the extraction is finished, the extracted matter will be concentrated on the scene. Furthermore, the recovery rate of automatic Soxhlet extraction is much higher than traditional Soxhlet extraction. However, the disadvantage is that a certain amount of organic solvent is used during the extraction process, which will cause environmental pollution to some extent.