The Features and Applications of HAWACH Extraction Thimbles

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The extraction thimbles are made for high-performance use in automated Soxhlet extractor systems. The cellulose extraction thimbles and glass microfiber extraction thimbles are the most frequently used.

Classification based on material
Extraction thimbles are common experiment tools in the lab. Based on the material, it can be cellulose and galas fiber. The cellulose extraction thimbles are commonly used in the following: fat determination of meat and dairy products; determination of polychlorinated biphenyls in fish products; determination of free fat in food; pesticide residues determination in food; Extract plasticizer from PVC; dioxins extraction; Solid particles; concrete slurry content evaluation. Made of borosilicate glass, this kind of extraction thimbles can be used in the Soxhlet extraction apparatus when the cellulose ones cannot deal with. The various dimensions provided by HAWACH correspond to the dimensions of the extract and will fit these units.

Advantages of Soxhlet extraction
Reflux extraction is a method of extracting compounds from solid materials. The solvent is used to immerse the solid for a long time and the required substance is leached out, that is, the long-term leaching method. This method takes a long time, uses a large amount of solvent, and is not efficient. Soxhlet extraction is often used in the laboratory for extraction. It uses the principle of solvent reflux and siphons to make solid substances be continuously extracted by pure solvents, which is solvent extraction saving and high efficiency.

Hawach Cellulose Extraction Thimbles for Soxhlet Hawach Additives Glass Fiber Extraction Thimbles

They are used primarily in Soxhlet or automated extractors that employ multiple cycles, extractor thimbles minimize personnel hands-on responsibilities when separating desired compounds. The high-retention devices successfully prevent certain elements from escaping during procedures for consistent results.

Both are offered in different wall thicknesses, and the round-bottom extractor thimbles guarantee optimal purity, which is sized to snugly fit any common apparatus, compound content determinations are protected from equipment failure.

Extraction process
Grind the solid material before extraction to increase the solid-liquid contact area. The solid substance is then placed in extraction thimble and placed in an extractor. The lower end of the extractor is connected to a round bottom flask containing a solvent, and a reflux condenser is connected to the upper end. The round bottom flask is heated to boil the solvent, the vapor rises through the branch of the extractor, is condensed and drips into the extractor. When the solvent surface exceeds the siphon, the solvent containing the extract is siphoned back to the flask, and a part of the material is extracted. Repeat the above steps to achieve the wanted results.

HAWACH extraction thimbles are available in Cellulose or Glass Microfiber. If you are looking for a size that is not listed here, please call or email us for additional options.