The Introduction Of Filter Paper

Hawach Filter paper often used in laboratories, and many people are familiar with it. Most filter papers are made of cotton fibers, but filter papers for different purposes are made in different ways. It is mainly used for separating liquid and solid substances mixed together. Here is a brief introduction to some of the basic concepts of filter paper.

Qualitative filter paper and quantitative filter paper

The main difference between quantitative filter paper and qualitative filter paper is impurity content. Hawach qualitative filter papers are commonly used for qualitative chemical analysis and corresponding filtration separations. The quantitative filter paper is used for gravimetric analysis and corresponding analysis tests in quantitative chemical analysis.

Ashless grade, hardened low ash grade, hardened ashless grade

The essential difference lies in the content and hardness of impurities. Hardening low ash grade and hardening ashless grade are based on quantitative filter paper surface pickling to increase the surface bursting resistance of filter paper. Quantitative analysis of the retained substances is needed after filtration with the sample. The ash content of ash-free grade is lower than that of low ash grade.

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