The Introduction Of Filter Paper

Hawach Filter paper is a kind of semi-permeable shield which is vertical to the liquid or air flow. It is commonly used to separate the subtle object from the fluid and air or remove the solids from liquid in the science laboratory.

There are many characteristics of the key indexes of filter paper, such as wet strength, porosity, particle retention, volume flow, compatibility, efficiency, and capacity.

There are two mechanisms of paper filtration which are volume and surface respectively. Particles would be absorbed in the main body of filter paper through volume filtration, while on the paper surface through surface filtration. The general filter paper is commonly considered as the qualitative filter paper which is widely used both inside and outside the laboratory.

There are various types in the laboratory, such as qualitative, quantitative, chromatography papers, extraction thimbles, glass fiber, a quartz fiber filter, PTFE, oil filter and so on. The level of qualitative filter paper that is more suitable for normal use comparing to quantitative filter paper is based on all sort of properties including particle retention, thickness, and weight.