The Introduction of Hawach Extraction Thimble

The extraction thimble is formed by folding a certain length of straightened filter material and gluing the head and the tail.

Classification of extraction thimble

There are many kinds of extraction thimbles, which can be divided into thin and long ones and thick and short ones. The slender extraction thimble has large space between folds, a large angle between folds, and few and shallow folds, and its filtering area is 2-5 times larger than that of the filter bag with the same diameter and length. It is easy to remove ash and has a good effect. Thick and short extraction thimbles have a large diameter, short length, many and deep folds, small space between folds, and large filtration area, which is 14-35 times larger than the same diameter and long filter bags.

Installation method of extraction thimble

1. Vertical direction: When the extraction thimble is installed vertically, the dust is easy to clear and settle to the ash hopper, and the filtering effect is good.
2. Inclined direction: Inclined installation method makes the filter cylinder overlapping, compact structure, small area, and easy to replace;
3. Horizontal direction: In horizontal installation, the dust on the upper part of the lower extraction thimble is difficult to remove.