The Knowledge of Cellulose Extraction Thimbles

Suitable for Soxhlet-type and other similar devices, the extraction thimbles are used to adapt a sample of solid material to extract certain components, with the addition of sufficient and appropriate solvent.

Cellulose extraction thimbles are made of high-quality alpha cellulose cotton linter. Their main features of high purity, strong mechanical structure, and retentivity offer a special advanced combination for the scientist in the lab.

As the high purity of the materials makes the results reliable and repeatable, cellulose extraction thimbles are perfect to meet the requirement of higher retention and increased wet or dry strength or rigidity in the lab. And its maximum working temperature is 120ºC.

Suited for fat extraction in the food industry, extraction of polymers, and environmental pollutants determination, the key point of choosing cellulose extraction thimbles are to fit extractors perfectly.

The reference sizes (internal diameter and the length) and an extra allowance for wall thickness should be concerned when external diameters are relevant. the wall thickness of the standard single-thickness thimbles is about 1 mm, while the wall thickness of the double-thickness ones is about 2 mm.