The Knowledge of Glass Microfiber Extraction Thimbles

Fitting the most commercially available Soxhlet extractors, we offer a variety of selection of high-quality extraction. To achieve an efficient and reliable analysis in the lab, the extraction thimbles are used to extract certain components out of the sample of solid material.
The thimbles are manufactured in high-purity cellulose fibers or high-purity glass microfiber.

Made from 100% pure borosilicate glass, the high-purity glass microfiber thimbles are available for special demands in the lab. These kinds of thimbles are totally free from binders and other chemical additives. And the temperature it can stand is up high to 500°C. Pure glass microfiber extraction thimbles can be used when solvents are not compatible with cellulose thimbles.

The glass microfiber extraction thimbles are perfectly designed for applications such as hot and acidic gases analysis, pesticide residue analysis, determination of oil/fat content of foods, and analysis of oil and grease in solid wastes.

With applications in the field of gravimetric methods for hot environments and acidic gasses, as while as biochemical analysis, the glass microfiber thimbles are also used in pollution monitoring techniques.

Soxhlet Glass Fiber Extraction Thimbles