The Knowledge of Qualitative Filter Paper

To determine or identify particulate constituents of a mixture irrespective of the amount present, qualitative filter papers are often used in the separating process which requires high purity and consistent performance. They are recommended to use in analytical methods by definition, and we can find different types to meet our needs, such as ash-less qualitative filter paper, hardened low-ash filter paper.
fast flow filter paper hawach-filter-papers-bio-113
Often used in several test methods, the ash-less qualitative filter paper is perfect in many standardized test methods, such as gravimetric analysis and sample preparations. Standard ash-less qualitative filter paper does not contain any agents of reinforcement.

With intermediate ash content, hardened low-ash filter papers (ash 0.015%) achieve the gravimetric analysis and typical sample preparations in the analysis where the instrumental techniques are involved.

The success of filtration in the lab depends on the right choice of filter paper. When you select qualitative filter papers in a wide range of grades for particular filtration, you may concern about the specifications such as particle retention, product appearance, filtration speed, ash content, basis weight, and wet burst.