The main features of Extraction Thimbles

Extraction thimbles whose thicknesses are the same could match almost all the sizes of Soxhlet extractors. Besides that, the glass unbounded microfiber and cellulosic fiber are of high purity. To be specific, cellulosic extraction is a kind of technology to analyze the fats and agricultural chemicals in foods and soil, which is widely applied in Soxhlet extractors. Cellulose thimbles could also be used for crude oil sampling in order to make sure the oil mass in oil and water mud. The glass microfiber extraction thimbles are used in high-temperature conditions (500°C), such as gas analysis in environmental monitoring or solvent which is insoluble with cellulose thimbles. Its filtering performance is fine, and it contains extremely low metal content.

Extraction thimbles which are made of cellulose, glass fiber, or silica fiber are often used for fixing solid materials and collecting solid particles in the analyzing area of air and exhaust fumes. Some soluble materials would be extracted from the organic solvent. It could be typically applied to analyzing plastics, fats, oils, organics, pesticides, pollutes, and addictive rubber materials.