The Role of Extraction Thimble Played in Soxhlet Extraction

Soxhlet extraction principle

The principle is very simple – repeated reflux extraction. That is to say: after a solvent extraction is completed, the solution is heated, the volatilized solvent is condensed through the condenser, re-entered into the extracted environment, and a new extraction process is started; this cycle is continued until the extraction is stopped.

Characteristics of cellulose Extraction Thimble
Hawach cellulose extraction thimble is made of noble cellulose fibers that are completely free of impurities and any binding elements. It adopts the most efficient and innovative technology to obtain a mold made of a single completely homogeneous piece. Its wide selection of sizes makes it suitable for applications such as determination by extraction of the content of free lipids in food, dust dimensions in the air or industrial gases, extraction of oil and lubricants in slurry and wastewater, or extraction of monomeric components in plastic materials and rubber and so on.

Characteristics of Glass Fiber Extraction Thimble
Hawach glass fiber extraction thimble is made of 100% of borosilicate glass fibers, which has the same properties as the fibers made of the same materials and has higher max usage temperature and chemical compatibility. Besides, its unique design and excellent materials guarantee better pH-stable, weight stability, and biologically inert. It also frees from bonding agents and an inorganic binder. It can be widely used in the pre-filtration of gases and analyzers, gravimetric analysis of dust in gases, or controls of emission at high temperatures.

Soxhlet Glass Fiber Extraction Thimbles
Hawach High Purity Cellulose Extraction Thimbles for Soxhlet Extraction
Hawach Cellulose Extraction Thimbles for Soxhlet

1. Wash and dry the parts before use.
2. Choose a solid iron stand and three iron clips, three double top wires.
3. According to the height of the water bath and the length of the extraction thimble, first fasten an iron clamp, loosen the iron clamp screw, put the upper end of the extraction thimble into the iron clamp, hold the iron clamp by hand to clamp the extraction thimble, and then use another hand to tighten the screw to secure the extraction thimble.
4. Install an iron clip in the lower part, attach the receiving bottle to the lower end of the extraction thimble, and then clamp it.
5. Place the extract in the extraction thimble.
6. Install an iron clamp on the top and connect the condensate to the upper end of the extraction thimble and clamp it.

The installed device should be neat and tidy, and the plane of each component of the instrument should be parallel or vertical. Remove the unit in the reverse order of installation.