The Role of Filter Paper for Sale

Filter papers are very important tools in the processes of separation and purification in modern labs.

The filter paper is loose and has strong liquid absorption performance. Analytical laboratories often use filter paper as a filter medium to separate the solution from the solid. At present, the filter paper produced in my country mainly includes three types: quantitative analysis filter paper, qualitative analysis filter paper, and chromatographic qualitative analysis filter paper. They can be used in solvent filtering, cellulose analysis, and other industrial applications.

Depending on the different application, you will find filter papers in different grades before you select the filter paper, you’d better confirm the particle size which is going to be retained or filtered, and assess the chemical compatibility of the membrane with the liquid or gas which is going to be filtered as well.

Hawach offers quantitative filter paper for laboratory use and qualitative filter papers. Quantitative filter paper is made of the highest quality commercial cotton pulp as raw material, using advanced production and post-processing technology. Filter paper for laboratory use is residual ash after burning is very small, and it has almost no effect on the analysis results, suitable for precise quantitative analysis. It is guaranteed that Hawach filter papers have no residual acids, and ash content is less than 0.007%. With the characters of high wet strength and exceptional purity.

filter paper for laboratory use 10 micron filter paper

Hawach quantitative ashless filter paper is made of refined pulp and cotton linters. They are designed for quantitative analysis of samples and used to prepare samples for instrumental analysis as well.

Hawach qualitative filter papers have two kinds to choose from: standard and wet-strengthened qualitative filter papers. They are used to identify the properties of substances in qualitative analysis.

The wet-strengthened property makes it can be used for high pressure and wide vacuum filtration. Wet strengthened 10 micron filter paper for qualitative analyses are made of refined pulp and linters with high α-cellulose content and provide lower ash content. Moreover, the separating property is about Fe (OH)3, and filtration seconds is less than 35s. It belongs to the thickest in the 10 micron filter paper and is commonly applied to resin solution filtration.

Hawach wet strengthened qualitative 10 micron filter paper are all manufactured in high-standard and clean conditions, which greatly guarantees the quality and performance in applications. The whole filtration process occurs with no obvious foreign substances and offers a much better separating capability than common cellulose papers at the same filtration rate.

This property can quickly retain the finest particle at high filtration rate. Hawach is available in different grade wet strengthened qualitative 10 micron filter paper, and these grades can be used in qualitative analytical separations for substances such as large particle filtration and gel precipitation filtration, and so on.

All the Hawach filter papers are produced under strictly controlled manufacturing conditions to assure a stable high quality year all the time. If you take a look at Hawach filter papers, you will find the right scientific and lab products for your need.