The Selection of Filter Material for Extraction Thimble

Wood pulp fiber paper extraction thimble

1. Choosing wood pulp fiber materials, not only have the characteristics of small pore size, large air permeability, low resistance, and high efficiency but also has a large filtration area.
2. The end cap of the filter cartridge and the electrochemical plate used in the inner and outer shield not only have good strength but also have good anti-rust and anti-corrosion performance.
3. Closed-cell foamed rubber seals with low hardness and high strength are different from others.

Membrane-coated polyester extraction thimble

1. PTFE resin is selected as raw material, and the microporous membrane with a three-dimensional network structure is made by special technology. It has small pore size, high porosity, smooth surface, water-proof, good oil-proof performance, very low friction coefficient, good non-stickiness, chemical corrosion resistance, and high use temperature.
2. Membrane-coated filter cartridge has a solid and smooth surface, and the surface filtration is not torn by powder particles, the possibility of wear and scratch, and dust can slide regularly.
3. Constant composite filtration effect makes the airflow of the dust collector more stable and improves the utilization rate of powder and the purification function of the recovery effect.