3 Types of Filter Paper

Qualitative filter paper refers to qualitative analysis filter paper. Qualitative analysis filter paper is relative to quantitative analysis filter paper and chromatography qualitative analysis filter paper.

Filter paper is a kind of paper with good filtration performance. Its paper is loose and has strong absorption properties to the liquid. The filter paper commonly used in the analytical laboratory is used as a filtration medium to separate the solution from the solid. At present, the filter paper produced in China mainly contains the quantitative analysis of filter paper. Qualitative analysis of filter paper and chromatography qualitative analysis of filter paper are three kinds.

1. Quantitative analysis filter paper

Quantitative analysis filter paper in the manufacturing process, the pulp after hydrochloric acid and hydrofluoric acid treatment, and after washing with distilled water, most of the impurities in the paper fiber were removed, so the residual ash after burning is very small, almost no impact on the analysis results, suitable for precision quantitative analysis. Such as Quantitative Medium Flow Filter Paper Grade: BIO-40, Quantitative Laboratory Filter Paper Grade: BIO-42, Quantitative Cellulose Filter Paper Grade: BIO-44.

At present, the quantitative analysis of filter paper produced in China can be divided into three types: fast, medium, and slow speed. On the filter carton, the white band (fast), the blue band (medium speed), and the red band (slow speed) are used as markers for classification. The shapes of the filter paper are round and square. According to the diameter of the circular paper, the specifications are divided into d9cm, d11cm, d12.5cm, d15cm, and d18cm. The square quantitative filter paper has 60cm * 60cm and 30cm * 30cm.

Function: Qualitative filter paper is designed for general-purpose filtration where the primary goal is to separate solid particles from a liquid. It is commonly used in qualitative analysis and is suitable for tasks such as clarifying liquids or capturing larger particles.

2. Qualitative analysis filter paper

Qualitative analysis filter paper residual ash more generally, only qualitative analysis and general solution for filtering precipitation or suspension, can not be used for quality analysis. Qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis of filter types and specifications of filter paper is basically the same, said fast, medium, and slow, but printed on fast, medium, and slow words. However, attention should be paid to the use of quantitative and qualitative analysis of filter paper for filtration on the boxes of filter paper. Such as Qualitative Filter Paper Disc Grade: BIO-1, Qualitative 20 Micron Filter Paper Grade: BIO-4, Qualitative Chromatography Filter Paper Grade: BIO-5.

The general use of natural filtration by filter paper, and the ability to entrap solid particles, liquid and solid separation:

Due to the filter’s mechanical strength and toughness is as little a possible way to filter filtration, such as must accelerate the filtration speed, to prevent wear and lead to failure in the filter, air filter, according to the pumping force in the funnel stacked 2~3 layers of filter paper, in a vacuum, in a first pad leakage. The dense layer of cloth, top Filter paper filtration; filter paper should not filter hot concentrated sulfuric acid or nitric acid solution.

Function: Quantitative filter paper is used in quantitative analysis, where precise measurements are crucial. It is designed to minimize contamination and ensure accurate results when determining the mass of a filtered substance. This type of filter paper is often employed in gravimetric analysis.

3. Chromatography filter paper

Qualitative analysis is mainly used as the carrier in the paper chromatography method, qualitative analysis of the analyte filter with 1 and 3 both qualitative separation, each divided into fast, medium, and slow 3.

The pore size of the qualitative filter paper is irregular. Usually, the pore size of the qualitative filter paper is large and the quantity is small. You can try using the quantitative filter paper, the filtration speed is different, and the aperture is also different. The general qualitative filter paper has a large aperture and no strict rules. Quantitative filter paper is divided into fast, medium, and slow 3, its diameter is about 80 ~ 120 respectively, 30 ~ 50 microns and micron and 1 ~ 3.

Function: Chromatography filter paper facilitates the separation of components in mixtures by serving as the stationary phase. It enables differential migration of compounds in the presence of a mobile phase, leading to distinct separation patterns. This paper aids in visualizing and analyzing separated components, supporting qualitative identification. Widely used in techniques like thin-layer chromatography, its versatility and accessibility make it a valuable tool for both educational purposes and routine laboratory analyses.