Types, Classes, and Property of Filter Paper

Types and Classes of Filter Paper

Hawach scientific supplied two types of filter paper for use chemical analysis, which can be used for high-efficiency general purpose laboratory filtration, including water pollution monitoring, air pollution monitoring and so on.

The two types are named qualitative filter paper and quantitative filter paper. Although both of them can meet the needs of different levels of chemical resistance, loading capacity, interception ability, and particle retention, differences also exist in practical application. The qualitative analysis of the filter paper is often used for qualitative chemical analysis and the corresponding filtration and separation.

The quantitative filter paper is used for the graying weighting analysis experiment after filtration. The most obvious difference between them is the ash weight of each filter paper.

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Property of Qualitative Filter Paper

Qualitative filter paper provided by Hawach Scientific generally can be used for general qualitative analysis and for filtration precipitation or suspension in solution, but cannot be used for quality analysis. However, compared with traditional qualitative filter, it gives improved flow rate, high wet strength and increased loading capacity.